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News writing and how I started.

Ever wondered how news was written? In Particular orders? Patterns? Rules? Agreements? Guess what; yes, they do have. And in this blog I'm gonna share you atleast the ones that you need to know about... Newswriting!

I am a student journalist since the year 2015.Currently, I am the Head News Editor of our school paper which is I am very happy with.Newswriting at first wasn't very easy for me.Yes, at first you'll read the news paper and you will be like "this is a piece of cake" or like "ez ggwp" no.It was reaally not easy for me.I was messed up actually, I put quotations on the headlines, I write only 3 sentences per paragraph and the best that this boy can do was 4 paragraphs.Challenging at first because I was like 12 or 13 when I started training but time passed by and after reading some articles about it I finally blended-in with the category.Then this contest came by, it was my first ever inter-school contest which I lost two times really because it …
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Basic Flatlay Tips 101!

Everyone wants their photographies good specially those who maintains their instagram feeds hmm... with instagrammable posts of course.And I was recently indulged with taking pictures that are flat layed.

For this blog I will teach all of you what I know about Basic Flat laying!
I don't really know how many tips and facts I will share though 😂
Okay...Let's start with
• Find the best spot for your shoot.

Normally you will see flatlays on woods, tiles, stones, grass and many more.It's up to you where will you shoot your flatlay.
• Best lighting is needed.

Find the best spot in your house, the beach,resto or whatever you're at, lighting matters.And another one.Try not to expose your camera's nor your own shadow because it will likely result to a not-so-enlightened photo.
• Ready your objects.

There are many things you can flat lay. It may be your OOTD, stuffs, clothes, food, anything.Be creative with your very own self.
• Have a layout.

Tidy or organizely-scatter you…

Discovering Manila is now Disconquerer!

Hi guys! It has been a while! Summer is finally happening y'all! For a change let me all introdue the newest name of my blog.Disconquerer!

 How did I got that name? Well it just suddenly went to my brain like 'zing!'. So yeah. When a friend introduced me blogging I didn't have time to make up a name that bestly suits my niche.And after 4 months of blogging, I've finally decided!

Discover + Conquer = Disconquer! Well what do you call someone who wants to Disconquer? Well of course a Disconquerer!

Disconquerer will be the newest hit to those millenial readers and also to those roamers not only in Manila but the Philippines! And if we will have a chance? Why not the world!

So let me tell you a surprise.I am going to have my very own website! And it will be big thanks to my friend who will help me with this kind of thing.

It was kinda strange that I didn't post blogs these past few weeks because i became busy with my vacation HAHAHAHAHAHAHA nah it&…

Food Tasting Edition: Hideout Tea & Board Game Cafe

As promised in the article " Newest 'Hideout' in Manila!" ( we've had a food tasting in the cafe. So let me mention and appreciate the very cozy ambiance of this cafe.

The grass-like mat and the soft pillows describes the true meaning of cozy.

While ordering, you may play exciting games provided by the cafe itself.


•Crocodile Dentist


•Uno Cards

•The Famous Pie Face Game!
They also have something for bookworms!

Moving on, Tea is one of the specialties of Hideout Cafe.So Tea lovers, these are for you.
Below is the list of the Best sellers of Tea beverages: • Milk Tea -Wintermelon -Matcha -Dark choco -Okinawa -Hokkaido •Fruit Tea -Wintermelon -Lychee
I've tried the Matcha Milktea (75 Php peso) and it was superb! 

Next on the list is their very satisfying and juicy and cheesy black burger (85 Php peso) that comes with very crispy fries.It was so delicious! The meat was …

The "카페" (Cafe) you've all been waiting for!

Annyeonghaseyo dogja! Ready your money and immediately visit this cafe! Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present you the cafe where you'll able to see your oppa's! (in posters and TV 😂) Presenting... *drumrolls*

Yuchi's Coffee Shop!
The Cafe is located near Puregold Makati! (It's still in Manila's boundary tho)

This Coffee shop was established in 2016 and is still a hit until now to those Kpop Fanatics! Why are they falling in love with this place? Let me show you why...

It indulges you more with the posters of your favourite Kpop Group and watch their music videos while sipping your favourite coffee!

They offer moreover coffee,milkshakes,meals and more delicious things a Kpop Addict or Fanatic should eat!

Wow! Isn't it a very satisfying that you'll experience a mini korean-cafe in Manila!
How to get there? √ From Pedro Gil -> ride a jeepney going to Guadalupe and drop off at Puregold Makati.Ask the tricycle driver where is Yuchi's Coffee Shop, ask Info…

Newest "Hideout" in Manila!

I've heard a lot about the Hideout Tea & Board Game Cafe that was opened here in Sta. Ana Manila, so I  was strolling around and saw that it's inside the Market Plaza! (near Sta. Ana Circle.) I also didn't know that it was open since the third week of February and I was fascinated!

To all those milktea, fruit tea, and other beverage lovers out there, this is the right place for you! And wait, there is more! You can also play board games such as the crocodile game, monopoly, pie face and read books while drinking or eating.

Hey Cereal lovers, you have come to the right place that will satisfy your cravings and wants!

It also has a very wonderful ambiance best for bondings and meetings with your friends! 

With the graffiti designed door, makes the cafe more interesting and attracts the costumers.It also has a freedom wall where everyone can post their shoutouts and messages.

How to go there?
•From Taft -> Ride a jeepney and tell to the driver to bring you at the sta. …

Divisoria: Giving you the Shop till you Drop Experience!

The Filipinos are very sensible specially when it comes to the latest fashion.But being fashionable isn't easy if your pockets are not that deep.

As a creative community, Manileños always do imitations and products which are perfect alternatives for those branded clothes, bags, and more!


They often sell it in the "tiangges" and other boutiques that were only located in the sidewalks.

Divisoria Market is a place where you'll find useful and wanted things without spending in a very big amount!


How to get there?
•From Taft -> ride a jeepney going to divisoria, stop at the circle in Binondo,Manila (landmark: church) and start strolling! -Fare: 8.00 Php Peso

•From Quiapo -> Ride a jeepney going to Divisoria.Tell the driver to kindly bring you to Divi and you will be there within 30 minutes or less.-Fare: 8.00 Php peso

•From Kalentong -> Ride a jeepney going to Tutuban Mall and get off at the tutuban mall where the night ma…